Leadership is something we believe in wholeheartedly at Elevate. As we expand the #cuetheconfetticannon project, it got us thinking about leadership. Confetti paints a perfect metaphor for leadership in three ways–leaders are intentional in their actions, forthright in their direction and have a lot of fun.

We do our best to use confetti cannons intentionally by celebrating others, causing smiles and to create an incredible experience. This kind of intentionality is important in a leadership position as well. Without intentionality, leaders live reactive lives, and a leader cannot change culture by living a reactive life. A leader must know the why behind his or her actions in order to make a culture change for the better. Just like shooting a confetti cannon, if it is not done intentionally, it can go wrong.

An intentional leader is compelled to throw off the habit of apathetically drifting through life and shift their focus to thoughtful, innovative actions that activate world change.

We challenge you to pull out the confetti cannon within your leadership and to be an intentional force for culture change in your work, school or home! #cuetheconfetticannon