Elevate Team Chick-fil-a Grand Openings

It’s no secret new Chick-fil-A restaurants are opening around the country, spreading the one-of-a-kind taste of their original chicken sandwich. Did you know Chick-fil-A plans a First 100 event before each grand opening, giving 100 lucky people free Chick-fil-A meals for a year?

We’re partnering with this incredible brand to host each of Chick-fil-A’s grand openings, taking our team to over 100 cities in 2017.

First 100 Raving Fans

If you’re not familiar with this event, it’s an opportunity to be one of the first 100 in your community to visit a new Chick-fil-A and participate in the day-long festivities. Our team’s goal at every grand opening is to elevate the Chick-fil-A brand and help create raving fans.

In addition to introducing communities to their local Chick-fil-A, we also lead a culture building event to help new restaurant team members learn and connect with the company history and values.  

Hosting a First 100 Event

Though each grand opening is unique to its community and culture, we aim to provide the same opportunities for participants at every event:

  • Serving Others
    We partner with nonprofits like Feeding Children Everywhere, as well as local organizations to give participants an opportunity to serve their communities.
  • Building Relationships
    Our team prioritizes relationships and hopes to connect people through group activities and friendly competitions.
  • Joining the Fun
    We love enthusiasm and our experience leaders create a high level of energy through games, music and contests.
  • Engaging with Chick-fil-A
    One of our goals is to highlight the Chick-fil-A brand as we strive to create moments of engagement and learning at each event. We do this by teaching participants about Chick-fil-A through custom trivia, as well as providing introductions to the franchise operator and restaurant team members.

Partnering with the Hero

At Elevate, we like to say the client is the hero. We want to inspire fans to leave an event raving about the company’s brand, and because of their strong values and exceptional team members, Chick-fil-A makes this our pleasure.

Learn more about First 100 events and stay tuned for grand openings near you!