5 Simple Tips


From Elevate Founder and President Billy Boughey


1. Listen well

Great leaders listen more than they talk. The next time you’re with your team, pay attention to the amount of time you spend listening to their ideas, feedback, and thoughts.


2. Care for others

When people think back to their interactions with you, they won’t remember what you said. They’ll remember how you made them feel.


3. Value everyone

So if a person values how they feel more than what you say, how do you leave a positive, lasting impression?


Pretend like every person you come in contact with has a flashing sign saying: “Make me feel like the most important person right now.”


4. Protect your time

Always ask yourself: is this the highest and best use of my time? This helps to manage your time well and prioritize the most important and urgent tasks.


5. Deliver great content

Face-to-face time with team members is important and good, but guess what–it’s the content that can make or break the experience. As a leader, you spend a great amount of time leading meetings, and maybe even hosting events or speaking engagements. If the content is valuable, your team will continue looking forward to time together.


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