51 to be exact. And we have a special host tracker just for you! See where our team members can be found this month and keep scrolling to explore a day in the life of an Elevate Host.


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Temperature isn’t the only thing rising this spring. This May, we’ve hit an all-time high with over 50 events in one month. Our hosts are traveling across the board to lead event activations for clients like Columbia Sportswear, Chick-fil-A, Delta, Coca-Cola, and more. Click the red pins above to learn more about our hosts and the activations they’re leading!



Elevate Hosts, sometimes called Experience Leaders, serve clients by leading event activations across the country. When we say event hosts, many people think red shoes, smiling faces, and enthusiastic emcees. It’s an accurate image (and one we love!) but it’s not the only aspect of an experience leader’s role.


A host’s responsibilities might also include:
  • Designing crowd engagement and team building activations
  • Coordinating logistics with event planners and clients
  • Researching and managing sound equipment
  • Creating custom playlists for each event
  • Ideating and executing new systems, ideas, and technology
  • Participating in team collaboration across multiple projects
The ultimate goal of an experience leader is to make the client the hero. This means going above what’s expected to surprise and delight, and deliver remarkable experiences for our clients and their guests.



The red shoes have become somewhat iconic, creating a simple yet lasting impression on clients and their guests. But you won’t find the red shoes at every Elevate event. So when do we decide to strut this particular footwear?


Each of our clients deserve a custom experience and we aim to design an event that shouts their brand. We take into account everything from audience engagement to our team’s attire. When we lead an event, we no longer represent Elevate, but rather, we point all attention to the true heroour clients. The red Nike Air Force 1 shoes currently come into play for three specific partners: Chick-fil-A, Delta and Coca-Cola. We work alongside these organizations to build their brand, and the shoes–though simple–play a significant role in this strategy.

We’d love to hear what makes your organization stand out. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts!


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