2017 Urban Youth Impact Spring Stampede 5k presented by Chick-fil-A • Created by filmtoto.com from Elevate Live Events on Vimeo.

Honda. Coca-Cola. Chick-fil-A. RaceTrac. Delta.


It’s easy to see the impact these major brands have on a local community. From brick and mortar locations to financial contributions in times of need or events to raise awareness in certain markets, these companies have influence in the lives of many individuals across the nation. And what we love about what we do is that sometimes we get to play a small role in helping these companies make their mark. And the remark-ability factor for these brands is HIGH.

Wait, what’s remark-ability?


We’re glad you asked…

Recently one of our hosts had the chance to work with a local Chick-fil-A (operators are locally owned and operated–small business FTW!) in Boynton Beach, FL on a 5K that annually supports an organization called Urban Youth Impact (UYI).

UYI is on a mission to love, equip, and empower inner-city youth and their parents. The Spring Stampede 5k is one of the organization’s major fundraisers each year and enables them to be seen by thousands of people that may not otherwise connect with their brand.


Cue the confetti cannon, folks. This is a fine example of remark-ability.


When a well-known brand like Chick-fil-A uses their influence in the community to help a smaller organization like Urban Youth Impact, we think you should know about it. Sure, we grabbed a mic and brought energy into the mix, but the real heroes are the men and women in Boynton Beach sharing their resources and making a lasting impact on the youth in their community.

Want to see how awesome this day was? Check out the amazing video (above) of the Spring Stampede 5K from our friend David Bley at filmtoto.com.

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