The most successful companies know how to create customer loyalty, and they do this through a strategy called others firstcaring for your customers and putting their needs before your own. It’s what every relationship needs to thrive, and is a surefire way to turn that relationship status from from it’s complicated” to we’re exclusive.”

How to put others first:

  • Keep your customers top of mind, especially when making business decisions
  • Go above what’s expected to serve them well
  • Acknowledge their needs, and being willing to put these above your own
  • Show an occasional grand gesture

What this looks like at Elevate:

Katie Bersinger, Elevate Chief of Staff, is passionate about client care, so much that she’s constantly brainstorming new ways to put others first. A few examples include:

  • Mailing a handwritten note to clients after each event
  • Celebrating a client’s birthday with a card and gift from the team
  • Creating time for a personal “catch-up” before meetings
  • Sending a custom gift to celebrate life events like: weddings, new babies, or work anniversaries
  • Taking each guest on a full tour of the office. This shows the story behind our brand, and includes a celebratory moment for each client.
It’s the small acts of kindness mixed with an occasional grand gesture that add a cherry on top to your customer’s experience with your brand.


Authenticity for the win

People can tell if a company truly cares, or if they’re simply trying to create more business. Gestures–small or grand–should come from the heart. If you truly care for your clients and develop an others first strategy, you’ll be on your way to long-lasting customer relationships.