Have you ever wondered what attracts people to certain brands? Sure, products and services have their place in the role of an organization’s success. But there’s an X-factor in business and leadership that creates a sense of wonder and draws people to your door.

A big slice of humble pie

Humility is a common trait throughout industry leaders. The most successful companies and leaders recognize the true hero of the story and take steps to point the spotlight in the right direction.

How to discover the hero of your story

Who’s your audience? Who are you serving? Who are your customers and clients? That’s your hero.
As industry leaders, it’s tempting to be on the receiving end of attention, crafting ourselves as the main character of our stories. The most successful organizations and leaders, however, recognize the value of others and take steps to point attention toward those they’re serving. If you’d like to learn more about this concept of discovering your hero, you can find valuable, in-depth content at StoryBrand

Putting customers in the spotlight

Now that you know the hero of your story, how do you make them stand out? When providing a product or service, always ask yourself:
  • How do we keep our clients at the center of this endeavor?
  • How can we step aside and point attention toward those we’re serving?
  • How can we make our customers feel like the true hero of the story?

Creating raving fans

As you aim to serve your clients and customers, work toward building their brand awareness and customer loyalty. If you’re a B2B company providing services to other organizations, ask yourself how your services will better your clients’ business. How can your services build their brand and create raving fans for them? If you’re a B2C company providing products to individual customers, ask yourself how your products will better your customers’ lives. How will your products make your customers stand out to their communities?

A little about our team

Who is the hero is a core strategy here at Elevate. Our team aims to make our clients the center of the story. For us, this looks like taking Elevate out of the spotlight at events and highlighting others. Our hosts incorporate moments of client brand awareness, audience engagement, and fun-filled highlights so that at the end of the event, guests leave:
  • Impacted by our client’s message
  • Inspired to take action
  • Raving about our client’s brand
Who is the hero of your story? How can you point the spotlight in the right direction and make your customers the center of the message? 


Do you have any tips on how to make your client the hero? Let us know in the comments below!