We believe in the next generation, recognizing young leaders as the future of business and leadership. Our team recently asked what if we were an organization willing to develop young leaders? What would it look like to help young men and women enter the workplace feeling knowledgeable of opportunities, equipped in skillsets, and eager to add value?

Cue The Intern Exchange Program

The Elevate Intern Exchange Program is an innovative approach to developing young leaders. We partner with legacy-minded organizations to provide growth opportunities for career-ready interns. This summer was our first season rolling out this new project and we partnered with our friends at The Big Fake Wedding who helped make this inaugural program a success!

Straight From the ‘Terns…

Our summer interns had the opportunity to experience the first-ever Elevate Intern Exchange Program. Below you’ll find three unique perspectives on this program, as well as highlights from their time spent with The Big Fake Wedding.


Brittyn Moellering

Rising Senior at Auburn University
Elevate Summer Marketing Intern

“They cared to not only add value to our professional experiences, but also add value to our personal experiences.”

At Elevate, we value creating remarkable experiences for others. As the marketing intern this summer, my experience has been nothing short of remarkable. Each and every day has been filled with intentionality, enthusiasm, and innovation. One particularly remarkable experience was The Intern Exchange Day.

Elevate partnered with The Big Fake Wedding to exchange interns for a day with the goal of providing each intern with the opportunity to network, learn from another group of legacy-minded people, and expand professional experience.

The Big Fake Wedding is a company that exists to create a bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake, wedding. During our time with the Big Fake Wedding team, we were given the opportunity to absorb an abundant amount of knowledge from each person. One of the most apparent qualities of their team was their value for intentionality. Throughout the entire day, each team member spent time:

  • Engaging with us
  • Sharing with us
  • Investing in us

We were given a small piece of advice that made a lasting impact: Always assume the best in people.

I had heard this phrase before, but saw this put into action first-hand by the individuals on their team.  Each one of them approached every question with an enthusiastic and intentional response. They cared to not only add value to our professional experiences, but also add value to our personal experiences. I left The Big Fake Wedding feeling as though I had been genuinely cared for and knowing that I had made new professional connections and friendships.


Anna-Murphy Martin

Rising Junior at the University of Georgia
Elevate Summer Intern

It is through mutual connection that goals can be achieved and dreams become reality.

At twenty years old, I can’t say I have thought much about the detailed planning that goes into weddings. From flowers to sparkler send-offs, there are endless combinations and options for a couple’s perfect wedding. How do you know what looks good or which vendor is easy to work with? Traditional bridal shows can be just as chaotic and stressful as searching online, but options are limited.

The Big Fake Wedding offers something different. Something better.

Spending a day with the folks over at The Big Fake Wedding, I saw a passion come alive as they talked about throwing events all over the country. Throughout the day, I witnessed the power of connection as specifically applicable to The Big Fake Wedding. Co-owner Brian Ammons shared that since connection and helping others connect actually costs nothing, it is something people should do a lot more of.

As part of our intern exchange experience, we visited a beloved vendor named Kim who is the lead creative floral designer at Holland Daze of Norcross, Georgia. Kim shared that it was through The Big Fake Wedding that she met the friend she now shares an office with, Cindy. Cindy also works with The Big Fake Wedding with her event rental and design company, Miss Milly’s.

Bride to vender, Kim to Cindy, intern to business, connections are all around. And they are powerful. It is through mutual connection that goals can be achieved and dreams become reality.

Thanks to The Big Fake Wedding for their time spent with us and teaching me about the importance of connection.


Ben Arduino

Rising Senior at Georgia College and State University
Elevate Summer Video and Graphic Design Intern

“The Big Fake Wedding team has a huge heart for seeing small businesses in the wedding industry grow into something larger and more successful.”

Visiting The Big Fake Wedding under The Intern Exchange Program was a really fun way to experience another business and the people that bring it all together.

This small business is run by the most enthusiastic people who have a desire to create memorable experiences in the wedding industry. The Big Fake Wedding is a very unique business that reaches the special niche of wedding vendors. At each of these “fake” weddings, real married couples get the opportunity to renew their vows as engaged brides and grooms see small business vendors from the local area in action.

I was amazed at how much work goes on behind the scenes into planning a detailed, fake wedding. From color schemes, to venues, to the vendors represented, The Big Fake Wedding creates a remarkable experience for all the attendees. The Big Fake Wedding team has such a huge heart for seeing small businesses in the wedding industry grow into something larger and more successful.

By being a part of the The Big Fake Wedding’s culture, we were able to step in and take glimpse of the process that the team members take to plan and execute a fake wedding. We were all amazed with the way the team members treated and honored us by taking time out of their busy days to meet with us. Every business can learn from The Big Fake Wedding and the way they treat the people they interact with.


The Elevate Intern Exchange Program

As we wrap up our summer internship program and prepare for fall interns to join the team, we’re planning out the second Elevate Intern Exchange Program with a few Atlanta-based organizations. We look forward to growing our new program and using this innovative approach to invest in career-ready interns and develop young leaders.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about The Elevate Intern Exchange Program!