The following blog is written by Jake Dudley, Elevate Experience Leader and Braves fanatic.

I’ve grown up a Braves fan.

I chopped hard as an 8-year old during the 1995 World Series. I can tell you the exact seat numbers I sat in during the infamous “infield fly” call made during the 2012 Wild Card game against the St. Louis Cardinals. I cried when Bobby Cox retired.

As the famous quote from the movie Moneyball goes: It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.

If you didn’t know, the Braves’ move from Turner Field into a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium in Cobb County (SunTrust Park), was met with mixed reviews and feelings. I, for one, was excited from the get go. A nicer stadium in a great neighborhood? AND the Braves organization owned the property? Yes! This move meant bigger budgets to bring in world-class players and (hopefully) build a world championship team. I’ll take that any day.

So, take my romanticized feelings toward baseball and combine them with my excitement around the Braves’ new home at SunTrust Park and you may begin to understand how incredibly pumped I was to find out Elevate had the opportunity to partner with ‘Home at The Battery’ before the July 4th game against the Houston Astros.

But wait, what is ‘The Battery’?

Great question. First of all, they were a pleasure for myself and the rest of the Elevate team to work with. But they’re also a “lifestyle destination anchored by SunTrust Park – the Home of the Braves.” And for this event, Elevate had the opportunity to invite patrons at some of the Battery’s local restaurants and shops to call The Battery their home.

From dance parties and giveaways to lip sync battles and chopping hard for the hometown team, it was a pleasure for myself and the entire Elevate team to let Braves country know they could live, work, and play at ‘Home at The Battery.’

Huge thanks to Sam Collier who invited Elevate to host this event. Sam is a friend of Elevate and an amazing storyteller. If you’re not familiar with his podcast A Greater Story, we’d highly recommend checking him out!