Elevate Founder Billy Boughey shares leadership insights on Launch Youniversity


Earlier this month, Elevate Founder and President Billy Boughey was invited to be the guest speaker for a podcast on Launch Youniversity, a place where mentors to the next generation of professional leaders share insights on business, leadership, and entrepreneurial best practices. Featured on their podcast with marketing mastermind and Gwinnett Church Pastor Jeff Henderson, Billy had the opportunity to speak on “dreaming big” and share lessons learned around leading a business.

Launch Youniversity walks with people from ideas and dreams into action and success. As they say, they are all about turning go-getters into difference makers.

The vision of Launch Youniversity is more than just seeing men and women start businesses or propel their products/services further. It’s about seeing those results coincided with seeing families draw closer, strangers unexpectedly connecting, and relationships going deeper. It’s about people using their ideas, gifts, and talents to make the world a better place.

As an entrepreneur and business leader focused on creating a positive impact, Billy shared his story on Launch Youniversity’s podcast, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. In this recent episode, Billy shared the importance of dreaming big and gave tips for turning ideas into reality.

Let’s talk about dreaming

Elevate Live Events officially started in 2012, but Billy had plans and dreams far longer. He dreamed about leadership events, creative consulting, and hosting, but Billy also dreamed about the small things…(hint: they are actually the big things).

In the podcast, you’ll hear the backstory of a few different small things like:

  • Intentionality

  • Valuing the follow-up equally with the lead-up

  • Gratitude

  • Considering the value of something over the price

  • Celebrating people well

  • Team culture

*To hear full insights on the above leadership tips, give the podcast a listen and hear how and why Billy recommends focusing on the small things.

Team culture–it’s a team favorite!

One of Billy’s favorite small things to focus on is team culture. This is something we value at Elevate and find our team growing in daily.

The team culture of Elevate is crucial to who we are and what we do. As important as it is internal, team culture impacts client and business relationships just as much.

Billy shared that Martin Luther King Jr. began his famous speech with the words “I have a dream.” He didn’t begin with “I have a plan.” It is dreams that stir the hearts of people. People are impacted by those who value their well-being. When hearts are stirred, creativity happens.

“A good team culture is when a group of people is cared for authentically and given the freedom to run, make mistakes, and rise as lifelong learners.”

One of Billy’s dreams about Elevate was to create a fun-loving, people-oriented culture. Implementing this dream into reality has become immeasurably important to the organization and everyone who interacts with Elevate.

I have a dream, but how do I get there?

Perhaps you already have a dream, similar to Billy’s passion for positive team culture. The question isn’t necessarily what is your dream, but how do you get there?

In business and life, we are striving to be there. In the fictitious land of there, business runs smoothly and dreams are a reality.

So, the question is, how do you get there? What are the important steps to follow from dreaming to achieving?

We encourage you to head over to Launch Youniversity’s podcast and hear Billy share how to turn dreams into reality, taking you from here to there.

Billy is one of many business leaders featured, so after you listen to episode 44, be sure to give those other 43 a listen too! You’ll find great leaders featured like Kevin Scott (ADDO), Tim Elmore (Growing Leaders), William Warren (The Sketch Effect), and Jeff Shinabarger (Plywood People).