Stepping into the home office of Elevate Live Events in Norcross, Georgia is an experience unlike other offices. We like it that way.

Our culture is open, honest, fun, and transformative so it only makes sense to ensure the same with our office tour. When guests come to the office for meetings, VR Workshops, or just to say hi, we always love to show them around the home of Elevate. We are proud of the space because it is more than decorations and offices; our office space shares the Elevate story.

From our founding in 2012 all the way to our newest areas of expertise in the innovation station we cover the past, present, and future in one loop around the building.

We have found that office tours serve as great moments of relationship building. Relationships, our first core value, are the top priority for Elevate so it only makes sense to begin each office visit with time for relationship building through office tours.

That’s great, but why should I give office tours if I don’t work for an event company?


People like to feel they have behind-the-scenes access and secret knowledge. It’s the reason we love learning about how movie sound effects are made or how magicians pull a rabbit out of a hat. We like to go deeper than the surface and look behind the curtain.

Letting people behind-the-scenes of any business fosters childlike wonder and curiosity. In a world that promotes playing it cool, discovering there are unknowns can be more impactful than preexisting knowledge.

So how do I do that?


Great question! It’s important to start with the end in mind so that each second has significance.

We ensure intentionality by generating the “win” of the tour before the tour itself. For us, office tours are a win if they tell the Elevate story, strengthen relationships, and give others a chance to step into our culture.

With this in mind, we begin our tour with short introductions from each team member and guest. The Elevate story is the focus of the lobby sharing our founding year, vision, values, and logo. Walking around the building we touch on Elevate’s core strategies, locations of current events, and more. Toward the end of the tour, before confetti cannons and celebrations, we get to share what we are working on and some of our hopes for the future.

Other office tours will likely look different than ours, but they should! Identify the win and go after it to create an experience that is unique and intentional.

Office tours should answer questions, tell stories, and create fun moments that lead to lasting impact. And please, let us show you around! Get in touch today to schedule your Elevate home office tour.