Hey friends, thanks so much for walking through this Dreams Matter series. You’ve heard thoughts from historical figures and celebrity favorites and taken steps to dream big.
This week, we’re wrapping up our series with a final topic:

Moving dreams to reality

Last week, we talked about the importance of creating time and space for dreaming. Today, we’ll walk through a plan to help you sort through your many goals, prioritize your dreams, and bring your ideas to life.

The internal conflict

When thinking about your goals and dreams, have you ever experienced an internal conversation that goes something like this?

I have worthwhile dreams and I’m feeling inspired to move forward.
My list of dreams, both big and small, is quite long. I want to bring all of my dreams to life.

I’m now feeling overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy it will take to move all of these ideas forward…but I don’t think I can choose to only focus on one. 

Since it will take an impossible amount of time and energy to focus on all my dreams, I’ve now lost the motivation to try and bring any of them to life.

One worthwhile dream

This is a conversation many of us often experience. Today, we’d like to help you prevent this internal conflict by focusing on one worthwhile dream at a time.


So, how do you choose which goal is worth prioritizing over the others?

Picture this…

It might seem overly simplified, but let’s pick the one dream you absolutely want or need to bring to life this next year. Try this little exercise to help:


Think all the way to a year from now. Imagine you’re in a room with family and friends, sharing the goals you’ve accomplished in 2018. But here’s the ringer–you can only share one goal you’ve achieved.


What is this one thing you’d be happiest to share? 


That, my friend, is what’s worth bringing to life. Give yourself the freedom to push other hopes and goals to the side while you narrow in on this one, worthwhile dream.

Make a plan

We’ll be talking a lot about goal setting at the start of 2018, but for now, try this simple process to help make a concrete plan:


Figure out what’s needed to make this dream a reality:
  • Picture the end goal (think: what is my ideal outcome?)
  • Write down any action steps to take (both big and small) to bring this idea to life
  • List any resources needed to achieve each step (time, money, tools, people, etc)
Create a plan of action
  • Set deadlines for each of your steps
  • If needed, create a budget to assist in obtaining the resources you listed above
  • Create a system for tracking your progress along the way. This can be a calendar, task management tool, or any other system that works for you.
Decide on an incentive
If incentives work for you, come up with a reward for achieving this goal. If needed, you can take it even further by implementing small incentives for each step accomplished throughout your journey.

Ask for accountability

This next one is just what it sounds like! Find a friend, family member, coworker, mentor, or leader to hold you accountable. Ask this accountability partner to check in regularly, talking through your progress, or lack thereof, and providing motivation when needed.

Celebrate small accomplishments

As you track your progress, take time to celebrate even the smallest steps accomplished. Every step taken is a step closer to your dream, so be sure to give yourself encouragement throughout your journey.

Keep us posted

Feel free to reach out and learn more about this idea of bringing dreams to life, or simply share your progress along the way–we’d love to celebrate with you!


Happy dreaming!