Who Behind the Brand

Hi friends! Thanks for joining us in our new series, Who Behind the Brand. In this series, we hope to tell the stories of our team members off the mic. Often times, you can find Elevate team members standing behind a microphone, on a stage, in front of a large crowd of people. We hope this series will give you some behind-the-scenes insights into our team members’ passions, interests, and stories.

Why follow this series?

For better or worse, every brand has a team of people impacting the organization and its customers. At Elevate, we value both relationships and bravery. Sometimes that looks like being transparent so our audience (that’s you!) can clearly see and know the culture, team, and stories that impact our brand and clients. We hope that through this series, you’ll get to know the team behind Elevate’s brand and maybe even find inspiration in the stories you read.


Meet Katie Bersinger!

Katie, Elevate Chief-of-Staff, joined our team on January 4, 2016. As head of the Operations Department, she helps create systems and structure to help people feel cared for. She leads our internship program, thinks for logistics on events, plans team culture events, and manages staffing. Throughout these last two years, she has made our team nothing short of remarkable.

Katie completely embodies every one of Elevates core values:

  • Bravery
    We define bravery as taking steps to honor people and create moments of wonder. Katie constantly steps out into the unknown to honor and care for the people on our team, our clients, and her family and friends. This might look like leaving handwritten notes on team members’ desks, keeping an eye out for ways to celebrate clients, and organizing team-wide culture events.
  • Remark-ability
    We define remark-ability as leveraging platforms to cause moments that lead to great conversation. In addition to her relational strengths, Katie is exceptional at creating systems to help move our mission and vision forward. If you spend time around our office, you’ll often hear us remark about the effort Katie puts into cultivating processes to better serve our team and clients.
  • Initiative
    We define initiative as striving to be one step ahead in the planning and innovative process. While Katie shows initiative in many areas of her role, one of the most beneficial to our team as a whole is through researching, testing, and implementing new ideas to help team members’ productivity and performance. For example, we have a handy task management tool that allows us to not only stay on top of our to-do’s, but allows for team-wide collaboration as well. And guess who’s responsible for setting this up? She also is responsible for training all new team members in these new systems, ensuring everyone from Elevate interns to Elevate’s President is setup for success.
  • Relationships
    We define relationships as adding value to others. Through her intentionality, her ability to listen, and her desire to hear people’s stories, Katie lives this value out daily. Katie has a knack for investing in others and uplifting those around her through kind words and affirmations. In fact, she does this so well that she constantly challenges each of us to grow in the way we add value to others!
  • Enthusiasm
    We define enthusiasm as approaching our work with professional joy and authentic connection. Katie shows incredible enthusiasm in every aspect of her work and relationships with others (both professionally and personally). Whether you’ve met Katie on an Elevate office tour, seen her in an Instagram Story, or are a childhood friend, one thing’s for sure–the words joyful and authentic come as no surprise when describing Katie.


So, what does it look like to be friends with Katie Bersinger? Well, if you were to ask her friends and family for a few of her favorite things, this is what they would say:


  1. One of Katie’s favorite movies is The Greatest Showman. She claims this movie “partially changed her life” because of the remarkable experience the producers created in the making of this film.
  2. Katie loves yoga. She can be found relaxing and recharging by teaching and participating in yoga classes.
  3. At any given moment, Katie can quote almost any random movie. And the best part about this is that she typically quotes unpopular movies that almost no one, outside of her younger sister, knows what she’s talking about.


Outside the walls of the Elevate office, Katie is equally passionate.


If you were to ask Katie about something she is deeply passionate about in her personal life, she would say: yoga and caring for high school girls.


Katie + Yoga


Yoga became a passion of hers in middle school when her mom opened a studio in Jacksonville, FL. Yoga has been a way for Katie and her mom to connect and for each of them to positively impact the mental and physical health of others. Katie loved having the opportunity to watch her mom grow her business and encourage people through her teaching. Because of her mom’s influence, Katie has now been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. She firmly believes that her ability to communicate well with others has come from her ability to teach yoga.


Katie + Mentorship


What does it look like to care for high school girls? Katie spends time once a week with a group of sophomore girls to talk about life, encourage them, listen to them, and remind them of truth. She believes in creating an atmosphere for girls to build each other up and engage with one another throughout the week.


Thoughts from the team


To say the Elevate team is better because of Katie Bersinger would be an understatement. We unanimously believe Katie is one of the best leaders, friends, and teammates, and are constantly inspired by her willingness to serve. Katie positively impacts the lives of everyone around her everyday, and we are so thankful that we get to be a part of her story.


What can we learn from Katie’s story?

  • Intentional conversation always wins
  • Joy is found in working hard
  • Caring for others well should always be a top priority


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