Leadership Experiences

Everyone is called to be a leader. Through Elevate leadership experiences, we aim to create conversations around individuals’ strengths and help them develop the leader within.

What is Kolbe

The Kolbe A Index is a tool to help you learn more about yourself, how to reduce stress, and increase productivity. Our team is passionate about helping others learn how to bring their best to professional and personal environments, and the Kolbe assessment is one of our favorite ways to do this.

Kolbe Workshops

Our wiring workshops are led by Kolbe Certified™ Consultants who help individuals discover the parts of their personality that are unique to them. Through interactive activities and discussions, we create an environment that encourages team collaboration and self-reflection. We focus on various personality assessments and craft our workshops around the needs of our clients.

Professional Development

Professional development occurs through continuous learning in a school or corporate setting. Our team creates professional development events that will help attendees develop the skills they need for career advancement.

Motivational Speaking

Through motivational speaking, our team delivers content in a way that helps attendees see things from another perspective. We aim to inspire and create conversations around various leadership lessons. Motivational speaking topics include (but are not limited to) Healthy Leadership, Communication Matters, and How to Activate Ideas.

Custom Content Creation

From workbooks to leadership talks to assessments, our team creates custom content for various purposes. We begin by listening to our clients to discover the specific message and purpose of that content, before designing something that is practical, meaningful and unique.

Team Training

We have found that organizations function more effectively when their team dynamics and development are top priorities. In our team training events, we craft an experience that will teach and reinforce skills that are most important for that organization. Content can be provided by our clients or by our team. At the end of the training, attendees will have a clear action plan that will add a high ROI to that organization.

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