We exist to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level

Our vision is more than a phrase

It’s the heartbeat of our team, culture, and services. We’re a people-first, creative agency with a passion to lift others to the next level. Through event services, leadership experiences, and innovative technology, our team aims to activate ideas and create remarkable experiences for our community of clients and guests.

The story behind the brand

This passion for creating remarkable experiences stems from our Founder and President, Billy Boughey. In August 2000, we began serving local, Atlanta-based organizations through event hosting and live production. Billy quickly saw how intentional environments and engaging content could help people flourish. Rather than keeping ideas in the clouds, he chose to get into the dirt and creative environments that cause people’s hearts to come alive. At the request of clients, Billy added new services like leadership offerings and consulting, helping clients to create world-class experiences through events and growth opportunities.

We’re passionate about your team and customers

The official Elevate brand launched January 5, 2012, with a mission to create environments that bring increased team member engagement and cause customers to rave about your brand. Our goal is to help others grow by positively impacting your team members and customers. We create opportunities for your team to smile as they develop and grow within a positive work culture. We also help create engaging environments for your customers to learn and experience your brand.

Elevate is, and has always been, a people-first agency. With relationships as a top value, we constantly look for opportunities to honor our clients. We knew from the start we wanted to make you the hero, using our services to highlight your brand.

Today, we’re thankful to serve over 250 clients locally, nationally, and globally. Our vision, values, and core strategies are at the center of all we do. If you’re interested in discovering what drives us, take a look below to see more of the heart behind Elevate.



We take steps to honor people and create moments of wonder


We leverage platforms to cause moments that lead to great conversation


We strive to be one step ahead in the planning and innovative process


Our focus is adding value to others


Our team approaches our work with professional joy and authentic connection

Core Strategies

Others First

Our team leads environments that cause moments of wonder and encouragement for our guests/clients

Opportunity Awaits

We provide opportunities to explore a new creative frontier in the event world

Keep it Fresh

We innovate our service at every event with the end goal to wow our client and inspire our guests

Who is the Hero

We strive to make our client the hero of the story and make their ideas come to life

Culture Wins

Our culture is open, honest, fun and transformative

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