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Billy Boughey

Founder & President

Billy is a highly creative and energetic producer, emcee and leadership consultant. His experience includes keynote speaking, hosting and producing events for many notable organizations. Billy’s creativity, enthusiasm and innovative event approach are known to transform environments into an experience that people will not soon forget. Billy exists to stage, implement and lead remarkable events that live on. Billy is married to Jenn and has three energetic children that you might see dancing on a stage near you!

Get to know Billy:
Name something you do well. “Dance, rap, sing, motivate, cook steaks, play guitar, live in the moment”
Best events you went to as a kid? “Disney World, Braves baseball game, Janet Jackson concert (for real!)
If you could have any pet in the world, what would you have? “A giraffe would be amazing”

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Matt Peele

Project Leader & Host

Matt Peele, a graduate of the University of Georgia, lives with his wife Beth and their son Smith. They serve their community in various ways including being foster parents to several young children. Matt has hosted hundreds of leadership and celebratory events for brands like Delta, Chick-fil-A and All Pro Dad. Matt is passionate about creating memorable experiences for great brands.

Get to know Matt:
Name something you do well. “Engage a crowd into a memorable experience.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Any parade at Disney World”
Favorite Superhero? “Ironman. He can fly but can also turn into a regular guy…and has an insane car collection.”

Katie Bersinger

Chief of Staff

Katie has a passion for teaching and leading others. As a Jacksonville-native, her elementary education background taught her how to instruct creatively, while instilling passion in those she is around. She has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida and loves to create innovative content for adults and students.

Get to know Katie:

Name something you do well. “Forearm balances. I love yoga!”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Britney Spears concert”
Favorite vacation spot? “Northern Ireland. I have been there four times-it’s the best!”

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Sean Specie

Business Development and Host

Sean is an energetic leader who focuses on serving clients and introducing new people to Elevate. A University of Central Florida graduate, Sean has five years of experience in customer service, business development and leading events. He continually seeks to improve his professional skills by listening to podcasts, reading innovative leadership books, and discussing ideas with others. Sean and his wife Natalie are both originally from Florida, love to travel, and are always ready for an adventure in the great outdoors.

Get to know Sean:

Name something you do well. “Wakeboard and snowboard.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Florida Gator football games”
Favorite song to jam to in the car? “Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band”

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Tori Tippens

Event Support

Tori is passionate about creating memorable and remarkable experiences for everyone, no matter their background. Tori is committed to inspiring the next generation to run with excellence, and has a heart for restoration. She serves at Royal Family Foster Kids camp during the summer with her husband Brandon, and volunteers regularly with Out of Darkness helping girls caught in the bondage of human trafficking.

Get to know Tori:
Name something you do well. “I make a really great white mocha latte”
Best event you went to as a kid? “The Lion King Show at Disney”
Favorite movies? “Braveheart, Tombstone, Pillow Talk or any movie with Doris Day.”

Roman Kotowski

Experience Leader

Roman was born and raised in Atlanta. His background in Organizational Communication from Kennesaw State University combined with his passion for engaging people is the origin of his love for creating events. With over 5 years of experience hosting events in schools all over the country, he comes alive when he is leading an experience on the microphone. He loves traveling, DJ-ing, and quoting movies. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Kelly and a wild puppy.

Get to know Roman:
Name something you do well. “Playing air drums, dancing. and fooseball.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Young Life Camp”
Greatest accomplishment? “When I was in high school, I got 2,000 people to chant the phrase ‘start a chant.'”

Jake Dudley

Experience Leader

Jake is a passionate communicator, creative entrepreneur, and nerd about all things leadership development. With a decade of experience communicating, executing events, and leading teams, he’s discovered a deep love for any and every opportunity to promote authentic community and create meaningful relationships. He is married to Rebecca and chops hard for the Atlanta Braves.

Get to know Jake:
Name something you do well. “Helping people build community”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Disney World, Beauty & The Beast Live, Toby Mac concert (It’s not as cheesy as it sounds)”
If you could have any special talent in the world, what would it be? “I would love to be able to pick up any musical intrument and play it like I was an expert.”

Andre Rose

Experience Leader

Andre is a passionate and gifted communicator and brings joy and enthusiasm wherever he goes. Andre currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where he has just finished earning his Masters Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Andre has a deep desire to create remarkable experiences that people will remember for a lifetime. Andre enjoys hosting and speaking at various camps across the country as well. If you want someone to bring life to the party, Andre is your guy!

Get to know Andre:
Name something you do well. “I dance like its 1999, I celebrate people like they just won the Lottery, and I enjoy creating unforgettable moments”
Best event you went to as a kid? “The Animal Kingdom at Disney World and of course the closing fireworks show… it’s truly the most magical place on earth!”
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up? “Interestingly enough I wanted to be myself when I grew up but I also wanted to be a Disney Channel Actor”

Audrey Hayes

Marketing Specialist

Audrey is a passionate creative with a love for justice, leadership, and innovation. Audrey’s professional experience includes event planning, marketing, and design, and she recently founded an anti-human trafficking ministry in San Diego. Audrey now lives in the Greater Atlanta Area and is enthusiastic about growing brands through social media and marketing platforms.

Get to know Audrey:
Name something you do well. “Game nights! Both hosting and competing.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “My very first Braves game.’”
Favorite song to dance to? “Footloose”

Tory Vore

Programs & Innovation

Tory Vore is a metro-Atlanta native and currently lives in the Historic Riverside Atlanta neighborhood. Tory has a passion for creating authentic community, especially with college-age girls. She comes alive watching other people reach their greatest potential. She loves to continually learn, read, write, and ideate. (She’s a bit of a podcast junkie) Tory and her husband James love spending time with friends and family, serving at their church, exploring, and cooking.

Get to know Tory:
Name something you do well. “Planning parties!”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Backstreet Boys Concert, Black & Blue Tour”
Favorite superhero? “Anyone in the Justice League.”

Ricky Spaulding

Client Success

Ricky is a passionate entrepreneur who loves developing new and creative ideas. He has over ten years of experience with teaching, and developing leaders. He is a recent graduate with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Liberty University and loves to create opportunities for growth within businesses. Ricky often seeks personal development through podcasts, leadership books, and relationships. Ricky and his wife Nicole love to travel, and enjoy a really good meal.

Get to know Ricky:
Name something you do well. “Cook and bake from scratch. The more ingredients, the better the outcome!”
Best event you went to as a kid? “The Masters Golf Tournament”
Favorite superhero? “Captain America. He is a natural leader and will get the job done with integrity.”

Julia Mata-Stern

Research Support

As a Houston native, Julia loves to develop connections with people and hear their stories. With a passion for customer service, she enjoys long-term research and serving the Elevate team. Julia loves being outdoors, attending concerts and painting, especially when she can enjoy them with friends. Julia is looking forward to attending Georgia State University this Fall to learn how to better serve her community through Social Work.

Get to know Julia:
Name something you do well. “Painting and quoting funny TV shows.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Men’s Brazilian National Volleyball Game”
Favorite song to dance to? “Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe, but it always changes.”

Anna-Murphy Martin


Anna-Murphy is a junior at the University of Georgia studying public relations. She is also minoring in human development and religion as well as working toward a certificate in new media. A frequent TED Talk listener, Anna-Murphy is excited to be a part of producing the TEDxUGA event next school year. When she’s not in class or doing homework, she is often throwing a frisbee with roommates, meeting with friends in a coffee shop, or hosting dance workout parties.

Get to know Anna-Murphy:
Name something you do well. “I’m pretty good at riding mechanical bulls.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Ole Miss football games”
Favorite song to jam to in the car? “Anytime Freebird (the live version from the Fox Theater, of course) comes on I keep driving until the14 minute song finished, even if I’m in my neighborhood.”

Brittyn Moellering


Brittyn is currently a senior at Auburn University studying Marketing. Outside of school, she is passionate about investing in the lives of high school students. Brittyn is actively involved in Auburn-Opelika Young Life where she leads a group of incredible sophomore girls at Auburn High school. She seeks hands-on learning opportunities and is always up for a challenge. You can typically find her playing with her dogs, exercising or watching movies with friends and family.

Get to know Brittyn:
Name something you do well. “Playing volleyball and baking chocolate chip cookies”
Best event you went to as a kid? “The Walk with North Point Community Church”
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? “I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals… then I grew up and realized I couldn’t even get a shot from a doctor without passing out.”

Ben Arduino


Ben is currently a senior at Georgia College and State University. He is working on completing his undergrad in mass communication. As the Graphic Designer and Videographer Intern at Elevate, he loves the entire creative process to produce effective messages that are very appealing to the eye. Although he spends much of his time behind a computer, this does not stop him from making time to be with people. Ben loves to make people feel valued and noticed through humor and quality time. He thrives off laughter, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and funny internet videos.

Get to know Ben:
Name something you do well. “Dancing, the Pogo-stick, singing Mr. Brightside”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Young Life Camp”
Favorite movies? “Anything by Christopher Nolan”

Joelle Gregory


Joelle is a rising Senior at Greater Atlanta Christian School. She desires to pursue a future in Design/Marketing and Social Justice. Outside of school, she is an active member of the Track and Field team and has helped lead her team to a State Championship two years in a row. She is very passionate about helping others and creating new ideas to serve. In her passion for helping others and social justice, she has gone on mission trips outside of the country as well as volunteering in local charitable efforts. She was born in Royal Oak, Michigan and is now lives in Atlanta with her parents and brother.

Get to know Joelle:
Name something you do well. “I can bake a pretty mean chocolate chip cookie and can put on a great car performance to any Beyonce song.”
Best event you went to as a kid? “Youth Camp in 2014”
Greatest accomplishment? “Winning the Group Science Fair without a group.”


Board Members

Eric Cho

Event Leader

Eric Cho serves as an Event Leader at Elevate Live Events. His passions include thinking and implementing ideas that make a positive impact on the next generation. Eric is extremely talented at leading clients through the Elevate process and you will not find someone more excited about your success. He is married to Jaime and they currently live in Sandy Springs with their dog named Iris.

Ben Ambuehl

Operations Lead

Ben is an operations specialist with expertise in team building and strategic planning. Originally from Illinois, his wife Christi and their four children now are converted Atlantans. Ben possesses a unique combination of an operational mind and a relational heart that helps execute events at a high level. He enjoys working behind the scenes to ensure each event is executed flawlessly.

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David Ytterberg

Brand/Marketing Consultant

In the last decade, David has served a wide variety of business and non-profit roles ranging from Director of Development to Brand Strategist. Graduating from Auburn University with a focus in Entrepreneurship, he has co-founded startups, worked in the creative industry and worked as a managerial consultant. David, his wife, and two boys live in Birmingham, AL.

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David Hoyt


David is a guide, strategist, coach, experience designer, communicator, leader and community initiator. He’s had the privilege of riding shotgun with John Maxwell for 19 years serving as an inner circle member and most recently served as President of The John Maxwell Company. He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Lori of 20+ years and his two teenage children. Besides his passion to help people be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, he loves creating experiences and memories with family and friends as well as sneaking up to the mountains for “soul care”, rest and solitude.

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