Live and Lead at a Higher Level

We’re a people-first, creative agency with a focus on events, leadership, and innovation. Let’s work together to activate your ideas and create remarkable experiences.

Who is Elevate?

We’re a brand experience agency with a passion to see people and organizations grow to the next level. Through event services, leadership experiences, and innovative technology, our team aims to make an impact. We create engaging environments where people can experience your brand, develop as leaders, and flourish within a positive work culture.

What Does Elevate Do?

We’ll listen to your ideas, partner with you to create a vision, and work alongside you to set specific goals. You’ll walk away with a clear plan of action, leaving you prepared and excited for your next event.

Through live production, we aim to highlight your brand, celebrate your guests, share your message, and create remarkable experiences for every attendee.

We offer leadership experiences to guide you in caring for your team, developing your people, and creating a culture of learning and growth. 

Creating Remarkable Moments

Elevate Live Event’s approach is built on an intentional process





“We trust their ability to take our particular event and connect our guests to our message with fun, enthusiasm, and authentic connection.”

– John C. Maxwell, John Maxwell Co.


“Elevate Live Events is the perfect partner to activate your business idea in an excellent and practical way.”

– Rodney Bullard, Chick-fil-A Foundation


“Elevate makes our experiences come to life and I highly recommend them for any event you are putting together for your customers or your team.”

– LaTonia McGinnis, Racetrac


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